Formatting Presets

Hi, everybody!
I have named and saved a couple of different formatting “presets from selection”.
What I’m missing is, if I choose a text paragraph and open the preset pop-up list I can not see there which preset is chosen for that piece of text.
Couldn’t the “active” preset be highlighted in some way, or have a bullet or something?
I’d find that extremely useful …

Besides, I’m using Scrivener for about a year now - and I love it and I wouldn’t ever wanna miss it again.
Thanks a lot to you all.

Best regards, Rich

Presets are not like Styles in Word. There is no such thing as an “active preset”, each preset simply applies a “preset” combination of style options. It is like creating a script to apply all the individual style options that make up each preset (e.g. typeface, point size, italics, indent, etc).

I believe, although you’d need to ask the Literature & Latter team, that this is because Scrivener uses the OS X text system and OS X does not support Styles. I have vague memories of Keith saying that he is considering supporting styles in Scrivener 3 but, again, you’d need to ask the L&L team (I’m just a user of the app).

Thanks for the info, nom!
Have a nice & creative weekend, y’all!

This may be out of place on this thread, but as a suggestion to facilitate the formatting presets, you can set application-specific keyboard shortcuts in Mac, so that anything that Scrivener has in a menu item you can assign a shortcut to it.

For example, I have five presets that I apply most frequently, body text, example-firstline, example-gloss, example-ref and caption. My keyboard shortcuts are cmd + opt + ctrl + 0 for body, +1 for example-firstline, +2 and +3 for the other examples, and +c for caption.

This significantly speeds up my writing efficiency as I don’t generally have to hit the mouse to navigate to the preset.

System prefs > keyboard > keyboard shortcuts > application shortcuts > add new, set Scrivener as application and type in the preset name exactly as it appears in Scrivener.