Formatting presets

As a Windows user, I can’t export the formatting presets.
Is it possible to manually edit the formatting preset file that is produced by the Mac version. If so would it be possible to add it to the Dropbox files for use with IOS.
All I would need is a copy of the preset file!
Anybody able to help by providing a copy of the preset export file?


We did look at this, and it was unfortunately a limitation we couldn’t work around (at least temporarily). The Windows version saves its presets in a binary format based on certain Qt formatting features (the Windows team uses the Qt development platform). It’s extremely difficult for the iOS version to parse this format. The macOS version uses a property list format for its presets which is easily read by both macOS and iOS (but not Windows). This is all down to historical reasons of development.

The only way around this would have been to write a new XML-based presets format for all platforms. However, we decided that this would be a diversion of resources for something that is going to be a temporary problem and a replication of something we’ve already done for the next major update. In the next major (paid) update of Scrivener for macOS and Windows, we are moving away from a presets system to a true styles-based system. These styles are baked into a project (in XML internally, but the user doesn’t need to worry about that), and will be available for use in iOS when you open styles-based project on your iPad or iPhone. So, with the next major update of Scrivener for Windows and macOS, users won’t need to worry about exporting presets files at all - that will all just be there with the project you sync.

Unfortunately, providing you with a presets.plist file from macOS probably isn’t going to help much because of the format it uses. It’s a property list (an Apple XML-based format), but the rich text formatting is contained in there as base 64-encoded data, which makes it somewhat difficult to edit. You would need to be able to generate a base 64 string from an RTF file if you wanted to edit the file with your own formatting.

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ooo, real styles! that sounds yummy, and that it could open the door for smarter compile at some future time. go, team!

In the next major macOS and Windows update, it will be possible to override styles at Compile time (or not). That will also be possible in the iOS version (it’s already possible, but you need to be working with a Scrivener 3.0 project on iOS, which no one else but me can currently do :slight_smile: ).

Keith, is there a place you’ve posted about what will be in store for Scrivener 3.0? I hope there’s Siri integration. That would insane.