Formatting problem when compile ePub

I have been compiling a scrivener file into an ePub for my iPad but all the formatting are wrong.

The bullet and numbering list keeps giving me the wrong font size and the chaptering are not correct. I have been searching for a in depth tutorial on the web, but no luck. I have also try to do the compile with a try an error process, I’m still in a big confusion.

I have been spending endless nights for the past few weeks. I really need some serious help on this.

I have screen grab 2 images, and this is what I have.
Picture 1.png
Picture 3.png


First, have you been through the epub tutorial on our videos page?

Next, it would help if you describe what you are trying to achieve - the main tool you need to play with here is the Compile pane, in particular the “Formatting” pane. Section 24.5 of the Help manual covers this and explains how to add different levels of formatting, and what the different elements of formatting do - it looks as though you have several levels in the binder, so you will need to set up the levels in the “Formatting” pane of Compile appropriately. The main thing to remember is that you want to make each level of the “Formatting” pane look how you want the same level in the binder to look.

All the best,

Hi Kelvin,

Yes I have read the user manuel and gone through the exporting eBook video, they only describe the basic of compiling the epub.

what I want to achieve is to have the epub look exactly like the formatting I created in Scrivener.


  1. Text font size from the bullet point has a smaller font size than body text. I want to make all body text and bullet text the same font size throughout the epub. As you will see from my previous screen capture, that wasn’t the case. I try both exporting override text formatting and preserving font size, both gave me the same result.

  2. Table of Contents, I checked "Generate HTML table of contents, but only my folder shows up. I want to have my sub-chapter also generate in the table of content. How do I do that?

  1. Text size is determined by the e-reader. The font isn’t included in e-books, only a percentage of its size, because e-book readers choose their own preferred font on their device and can change the font size to suit their reading preferences. The bullet text looks the right size to me - it’s the other text that looks too big. How are you making that other text bigger? Are you setting a large font in Compile, or is the other text titles that have had a heading level assigned in Compile? If the latter, just assign a lower heading level to reduce the size of the titles. Main text should come out at around 12 points and Times New Roman in Adobe Digital Editions, no matter what settings you use, because ADE uses Times 12pt as it’s default font for body text. Other readers will use their own preferred fonts.

  2. To have documents appear in the ToC, they must be preceded by a page/section break. So in the “Separators” pane you will need to choose “Section/Page break” between text documents.



I’ve got the toc working, but not the font size, taking your advice I select the bigger text size and gone to apply body text format under formatting. The compilation remain the same.

Where do I lower the heading level?

In fact they are not titles, they are suppost to the part of the body text.

I have change the bullet text into body text, they are all consisten, but the indent are wrong if the sentense runs to the 2nd line. and the bullet shown up as ? instead of an assigned symbol.

what am I missing?

Have you ticked “Override text and notes formatting” in the “Formatting” pane of Compile? If so, the indents will be used from the override settings there. Try un-ticking it.

Yes it’s uncheck. As you can see from the screen cap, The first one i had the bullet in body text.

the 2nd paragraph, I hightlight and select bullet, both came out different. The body text bullet (the first one) the symbol shown as “?”
Picture 1.png

And the 2nd / 3rd paragraph font size is much smaller then the first one. This is the problem I have been solving, the inconsistence of font size between body text and bulletin text

the thing is, selecting a paragraph and choosing bullet format, all the indent is being taken care of, but the font size is all shrinked. However, if I switch the paragraph back to a body text, the indent is all wrong.

I have tried compile the same project on another machine, it works fine. What might be the problem? Does it have anything to do with the font in different machines?

Hello all;

I have seen what Herbert is talking about.
What looked fine coming out of 2.0.4, now looks bad coming out of 2.1.
It seems like some HTML Font code got lost between versions 2.0.4 and 2.1.
So more info is always good, so here goes.
I am running Lion on a Mid 2010 Mac Mini with 8GB. (No issue with Lion or Scrivener)
I have both 2.0.4 and 2.1 on the system on different drives.
So a few screen captures here, I have composited them together by type and there is a Zip File of the Original Text and the two ePub Files.
The first image is a composite of 3 screen captures, of some sample text from the basic template.
Notice the font does not change in the 2.1 version while it does in the 2.0.4 version.

This is a capture of two HTML Style Sheets
The top text is from the 2.0.4; while the lower one is from 2.1.
You can see there is a lack of font information in the 2.1 capture.

This zip file contains the Scrivener file, and the 2 ePub Files which were output.
ePub (510 KB)
I looked at these the ePub files with Sigil, a Free ePub reader/editor.
The two ePub Files look the same in Sigil as they do in iBook on the.

This appears to be an issue with the HTML Render engine, not creating the Style Sheets properly.
I hope this help find what is causing the error.

Just to follow up on this (sorry for the extremely late reply, but it’s been sitting on my “to do” list for a while after I couldn’t reproduce it):

  1. ram1520 - what you are seeing is entirely correct. 2.1 strips font family information out of the style sheets. There is no need for font family information, because Scrivener doesn’t embed any fonts in the epub (you would need to own the font to do that), so naming fonts is pointless seeing as it has to rely on the e-reader having those fonts, and even then could end up overriding the reader’s preferred font which isn’t great practice. I don’t think this is what Herbert is having problems with, though - his text is actually changing size.

  2. Herbert - I’m afraid I still haven’t been able to reproduce your particular issue. Bullet text comes out the same size as regular text for me. If you are still having this problem, could you please send me a sample project?


All the best,


My delay is much worse than yours.
Anyway you are correct, calling out a font that is not on the e-reader would be an issue.

As for Herbert’s issue.
It is most likely a Style Sheet issue. That is why I started looking at things in Sigil, so i could see and edit the style sheets. Calling out the “font-size:” incorrectly, sound like the most logical reason for the change in font size.

Thanks for the answer Keith
Sorry about my longer delay in responding.