Formatting Problem With Export To Word - Help Please!

i’m having margins issues when compiling a draft, exporting to word.

the ruler on the exported document makes it look like the text sits between the 0" and 6" marks, but when i print it, it’s situated too far to the left, not centered on the page as it would be if i’d actually written the thing in word.

i think the issue has something to do with “margin boundaries.” maybe scrivener is set up to print to a UK paper size? “the layout on my page looks wrong when i print it” article, accessible from the word help menu, seems to indicate as much.

what i’m wondering is if there’s a way i can change my scrivener settings–ruler defaults or whatever–so that my docs export to word, formatted margin-wise (and tab-wise, that’d be nice too) as if they’d been written with word to start with.

issues aside, am loving writing in scrivener. but would very much like to get some help with this.



Ruler settings are a little obscure at the moment, admittedly. You need to go to File > Page Layout > Settings > Scrivener > Margins and set them up there. That will affect the way they are set up when exported via Compile Draft. The next version has the margin settings separate in the Compile Draft pane.