Formatting problems, text size, delete gone wild

Two questions: I have no idea how I did this, but I reduced the text size of my entire project. The font is still set to helvetica 13 point but now the text is tiny and the only way I can figure to fix it is to highlight each page of text and make it 16 point. Is there an easier way? The second problem: Again, as I was typing, I hit something that now causes my delete key to zap entire sections of text. And when I hit return, it makes what looks like bullet points. I can correct this by deleting the portion affected and rewriting, but this keeps happening as I type and I’m ready to scream. Is there an easy to correct this? I can’t find either of these issues in the support base but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

For the font size, it just sounds as though you’ve changed the text scale. Take a look at the footer bar below the editor. On the left of the footer bar is a scale pop-up button that tells you what percentage zoom you are currently using. Just change it back to 100%.

For the other issue, I can’t think of anything that would cause delete to zap entire sections of text. But it does sound as though you have turned bullet points on. Select the text and go to Format > Lists > None to get rid of any bullet point formatting, which should also prevent hitting return creating bullets.

I can’t think why this would keep happening, though, as you’d have to choose to use bullets for bullets to appear.

Hope that helps.

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Ah! The footer bar to change the scale. I was looking everywhere else. Thanks! I will try to pay attention to which key combos I’m hitting to trigger that delete/bullets function. For now, it’s fine.
Thanks again!!

Here’s a postscript comment about my issue with the return-delete keys: It is still happening but not all the time. Sometimes when I hit “return” while working on a section of text, bullet points appear, even though this function is turned off in Format>lists. In this same area of text where the bulleting is happening, if I hit “delete” the same section of text I’m working on disappears. So they must be related. I can’t figure out what triggers this. The way I found to correct it is to highlight and cut the affected text, hit return a few times, paste the text there. Then, I go back to the now-blank space where the formatting was corrupted, highlight and cut that part. And it stops. I’d love to figure out why this happens and how I can stop doing it. If anyone might have an idea. Thanks.