Formatting Pulldown Problems

I need to know if I am misunderstanding the formatting pulldown, or if there’s a bug there, how to work around that bug.

I’m trying to get the “As Is” Acknowledgment and Prologue headings to match, and to have them both match the formatting of the non-as-is chapters.

I click in the Acknowledgments heading, and select More… from the pulldown, and select 48 pts before (to match the skip 4 lines of the other chapters) and 24 pts after.

But, if I then click on the heading again, the format is shown to be different. Likewise, if I select one of the predone options in that pulldown, and then select More…, it does not show what I have selected. Also, the selections don’t seem to “stick.” If I set the formatting, then go to another chapter and come back, it has changed. Even when I think I’ve got it right, the PDF version has three different heading positions for the Ack, Prologue, and Normal Chapters.

I’m guessing there are some real problem with that pulldown, and I may have mentioned that before. If that’s true, I need a workaround. If the problem is with my understanding, I need guidance.

So my question is this:

I want to set a particular formatting for a heading in two different chapters that are compiled As is. I need that setting to stick. How do I do that?



I believe you’re running into a bug with the spacing dialog and the way it’s handling the before/after spacing. I think you’ve been experimenting with the beta version, yes? If so, try fixing the spacing there and see if that works the way you want; a few spacing bugs have been addressed and will probably take care of this problem.

Yes, so far it looks better in