Formatting question

I’m writing my PhD Thesis in Scrivener and love using the program. One small issue which I can’t seem to work out. In some of my documents, when I hit return to start a new paragraph it indents as expected AND increases the line spacing for that one line, highlighting that it’s a new paragraph. On some other documents however, I just get the indent, and NOT the additional line spacing. How do I setup one way or the other?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Luke,

This is a function of the “before and after” paragraph spacing. The default “before and after” spacing in Scrivener is zero, so where you are seeing a little extra space you’ve probably inherited some formatting from another application from copying and pasting.

What I would do is open one of the documents that is functioning the way you want it, then select some text and go to “File > Text > Spacing.” The last two settings in this box are for “Paragraph Spacing.” Take note of what these are set to.

Next, open one of the documents that is not behaving the way that you’d like, and select all of its text (CMD+A). Once it is selected, open “File > Text > Spacing” again and set it like it was in the other document.

It might also be a good idea to make this the default for new documents. Go to “Scrivener > Preferences > Formatting,” and take a look at the sample editor there. If you click the “line-spacing” drop-down, then select “other” (the last option in the list), you will be presented with the same “Spacing” dialog that you saw before. You can now set this up the same as your other documents, so that new documents will inherit these settings.

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