Formatting question

I’m new to formatting and found the problem with spacing.

I switched on invisibles and noticed some of my paragraphs end with paragraph symbol while some ended with line break symbol. I did most of the writing on onenote and copied over to Scrivener so probably that’s where the problem originated.

I did a search on this forum and found the solution to check ‘remove trailing whitespaces’ in compiler option. It does look a lot better but some paragraphs look off.

Is there a way I can convert these line breaks into standard paragraphs instead without manually deleting every line?

I tried default formatting as well and it didn’t work.


After screwing up my formatting for the project I went to google again and found a solution to the problem.

Original problem:


In the picture, some paragraphs are with pilcrow symbol while others are in the arrow symbol. When compiling a project the spacing becomes irregular and I tried all options to fix this but it didn’t work.

Then I accidentally mess up my formatting real bad but thankfully found a workaround to add in extra pilcrows and also fixed the original problem for other documents.


Edit -> Find -> Project Replace

To replace arrow symbol with pilcrow (for paragraphing purposes)

  1. Shift + Enter key = arrow symbol
  2. Ctrl + Enter = pilcrow symbol



If you find that you accidentally removed all paragraphing spacings, you could do the following as well to fix it.


to achieve this or whatever type of spacing you prefer.

I think my biggest problem was finding out what all these symbols are called before I could find a solution.

This feature is a life saver.