Formatting Questions/Bug?

Hi. I’m trying out Scrivner and I have a question before I buy.

I really like the concept of Scrivner. I write a podcast called The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. It’s a time travel adventure so I do a lot of research in episode. I like that I can put research in one side of the screen and the script in the other.

First thing i noticed is I installed the Script template and if I do a horizontal split screen, I lose the template formatting abilities (Character [Enter], Setting [Tab]) on the script side. However if I split vertically, it retains the formatting. Is this a bug? Am I doing it wrong?

My question is, I’m creating my own template for the Podcast (we use the old time radio script format) and I’m wondering how I set it so that ALL the words are in upper case. I want it all uppercase all the time. I know I can use the Caps lock button, but I’m thinking there’s got to be a setting so that any text is uppercase. I found where I can convert it after the fact, but I’d like to make it a setting.

Also is there a place on the forums that shows how to create a template. i found one post about distributing it, but none about all the little things you can tweak to make your own.




First, regarding the splits: as mentioned in the Help file (under Text Editing), each split can have its own formatting settings. When you split horizontally, the editor you are looking at (if there is only one), will go to the bottom; if you split vertically, it will go to the left. So, when you say the “script side”, that really depends what you mean, as Scrivener has no idea which side you have the script on, does it? :slight_smile: Just set the script format for both splits if you want.

Secondly, putting all words in lowercase: you can do this 1.1 which is currently available in beta form from the Beta Testing forum using the Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings panel.

As for creating your own templates, the basic information on creating project templates can be found under “Getting Started” (“Creating a New Project”) in the Help file. That is about project templates. If you mean about making script format templates in the new beta, then no, there is no information yet as that is a beta and the Help file is yet to be updated. When it becomes an official 1.1 release, the Help file will include a “scriptwriting” session on how to create script formats.