Formatting Questions

Dear Friends: Hope all is well. I’m working on a book and have a few questions about formatting:

  1. Can one use spellcheck in the footnotes?

  2. Is there the ability to superscript a number? (I’m working with biblical references.).

  3. Here’s a highlight "quirkiness (see below). How can it just be the words and not also the space?
    Highlighting.doc (29 KB)

Many thanks as always.


I don’t know about spellcheck in the footnotes. But superscripting (which I also use in biblical text) is available in 3 ways:

  1. Format menu > Font > Baseline > Superscipt
  2. Click the icon on the formatting toolbar that is an A with a superscript 1 (to the right of underline and strikethrough)
  3. Press Ctrl+G and then immediately press Up Arrow.

Any of these can be applied to selected text, or put into effect before typing, just as with italics, etc…

WRT highlighting, it highlights everything, just like swiping a highlighter across a printed page. To skip the spaces, you either have to highlight only words, or highlight everything and then go back and select spaces and unhighlight them.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks David for your prompt response. This is very helpful. Much appreciated.
Best wishes,
P.S. Regarding the highlight feature, I often default to double-spacing in my writing. So if I try to highlight text within, say, a paragraph, it always highlights the space area above. A bit frustrating. Perhaps I;m not using the highlighting feature correctly?

Ah, sorry, Joe, I understand what you mean now about the highlighting problem. Yeah, that seems to be just the way it works, and I agree, double-spaced it looks clumsy. It might improve in v. 3, it might not; I haven’t been testing the beta.

Thanks David for your response. It’s not a huge problem. Just a bit clumsy. We’ll see what happens in version 3. Thanks again for your follow-up response.
Best wishes,