formatting resets

When I write, I set some some things to center. I set indentations using the indicators on the ruler at the top of my document.
I save and close for the night.
When I come back the next day, I expect these formatting choices to be the same as when I closed the program.
Instead, when I reopen the program, the indentations and centering are gone. The text is all left justified. This is a minor inconvenience in small or uncomplicated documents, but it is a pain in those with more complex structure.
Is this happening to anyone else?

Have you updated to the latest version of the Beta?? This was fixed in 1.2 and we are on 1.3 now. To check your version hit Help -> About Scrivener.

Please note, if the option isn’t there you need to update. You can do this from the stickied thread in the announcements section of this forum.