formatting shortcuts in scrivener no longer working

This may be a windows 10 problem or a windows office 2010 problem or scrivener problem but I experience similar problems in all three. Scrivener still has a tools menu option which was removed from Office 2010.
In all three programs using the mouse on the formatting menu works.

In Scrivener none of the keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italics or Underline work any longer (I have tried both Ctrl+B and .Ctrl+Shft+B).

In Word 2010, Ctrl+Shft+B Ctrl+Shft+U work for Bold and Underline respectively, but Ctrl+Shft+I does not wok for italics.

Same result with WordPad as with Word 2010.

I have searched all the Windows community forums and have not found anything that works. I am using Win 10 64bit with the latest updates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

First thing I’d try would be rebooting the computer, in case something weird has gotten stuck in memory. Apologies if you’ve already tried this.