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I have been using MS Word for many years. Since I write four different types of documents: a novel, a joke book, a self-help book and my op-ed columns I use different formats for all of them. I lhave four different types of “fromats” for each one. SO when I work on a novel, I use, “Normal” and I set it up so that it’s a certain typestyle, a certain type size etc. H1 is then formatted and so is "title etc. All MS Word Docs setup the same way.
So then I get Scrivener and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set up a document so that the normal style panel can be made to look the way I want it to in terms of: type face, type size, alignment, spacing beteween paragraphs etc. Whenever I ask Scrivener how to do that I get some totally different way they do it and they are not very good about keeping up with the different versions. I just went into a tutorial and when they pointed out how to do things, when I tried to follow along I opened my menus and the things they were showing were not the same as I have and I have the current 3.3.2 version. How do I get Headline 2 to look the way I want it to? and the same with the other style options?

Hi Bkeelan. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

It is actually quite simple.

All you need to do is format a chunk of text the way you wish a specific style to look.
Then, select part of that text (a single word is already enough) and :


A list of all your styles will appear to the right, from which simply pick the one you are currently tweaking.
. . . . . . . .

As for the “normal style” (That’s called “no style” in Scrivener) :

Format a paragraph to look as you want it,
then with again a chunk of text selected (in your case, since you mention different formattings for different purposes/projects, we won’t do it in the options) go to project settings,
and :

The default formatting is now set for new documents within this one project.
This allows you to set a different default formatting for your other projects.

. . . . . . . . .
Once this is done, you have to convert pre-existing documents to that new formatting.
(They are still set to format new text to the old formatting.)

Select those documents in the binder (all of them) then :


In addition to @Vincent_Vincent’s excellent advice, I recommend you read section 17.1 Think Different of the Scrivener Manual (Help > Scrivener Manual). That section explains the philosophy underlying why L&L implemented styles as they did in Scrivener, which as you’ve found is a bit different from Word’s.

And if you really want to save yourself some potential headaches, read the entire chapter 17, which is all about how to use Styles in Scrivener.



Thank you for that. I’ll get to wrok on it… right after the Masters.

Htank you James. I’ll get on it right after the Masters.