Formatting Table of Contents for PDF for CreateSpace

I’m in the final stages of creating a pdf of a book that will be used to upload to and I’m having trouble getting the table of content to look right.

I found how to create a table of contents in the pdf manual and it looks fine in Scrivener (see Overwhelm.TOC#1.png attachment) but when I compile it as a 6x9 inch pdf it comes out different (see Overwhelm.TOCinPDF.png) Guess I’ll have to put second image is a reply.

How can I correct this?

Thanks for your help. I trust your helping me will help others with a similar issue,


Here’s how the table of contents is coming out in the pdf. Oh, and I tried retaining the formatting by highlighting the TOC and using the ‘preserve formatting’ and that didn’t change anything.


You need to show the ruler (cmd-R) and change the right tab that determines where page numbers are placed. Currently that right tab is too far over on the right for the page size you are using in your compiled PDF, so the page numbers end up getting pushed over onto the next line. Just select all of the text in the contents and move the right tab in the ruler a little further left.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

It worked…but then of course you knew it would. Didn’t have the ruler showing and didn’t think to look for one. duh.

Thanks, Keith. Weren’t you away on a honeymoon or something? If so, welcome back and not back to work. :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve told a bunch of my writing friends about Scrivener…especially my Mac friends. You might want to get in touch with the folks at Writing Excuses Podcast to see if they’d be opening to some affiliate setup. They are currently sponsored by but I would think a lot of their listeners would be interested in knowing about Scrivener. Just an idea I thought I’d pass on to you.

Now, back to writing.