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Hi, I’m going to use Scrivener to reproduce a book. I’ve attached a page layout as an example. You can see that it’s in verse format. Is Scrivener able to replicate this? I imagine it would require a formatted template of some description.

Is it possible to reproduce this page? It is a 400 page book, so I don’t want to have to setup the parameters for each and every page if possible, because that would be a lot of work.

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macOS: Version 10.15.6

“Reproduce…”, does that mean that the text already exists, in digital format?

No, it’s in hardback form only at the moment. I want to reproduce it in ePub/kindle and have it available for ‘print-on-demand’.

I think the question has to be “why?” Why would you want to use Scrivener to do this? Scrivener is really about writing, not formatting. Which is not to say that it would be impossible to do this in Scrivener, but it would probably be a lot easier in other programs. And how are you going to get the text into whatever program you use? Either you will have to transcribe the whole lot by hand, or you will have to use some sort of OCR. Either way, it looks like a LOT of work to me. Scanning books is rarely very satisfactory in my experience. But you could try a couple of apps for iPhone – TextGrabber and Bookscanner (from ABBYY, I believe). I don’t see what you would gain by having Scrivener in the workflow, though.

Compiled using the “VersePDF” format, the project attached can more or less reproduce the layout for you. Can be refined far more than this sample, but I am using the beta of Big Sur and some of the refinements I would like to make just aren’t working at the moment. (60.5 KB)

What kind of ePub do you want?

That is, do you simply want a PDF file, or do you want a “true” ePub that will automatically reflow text as the user changes the font size? The first can be accomplished simply by making a high quality scan of the existing book. For the second, you need to import the text into a true ePub creation program.

As others have suggested, that program is probably not Scrivener. Scrivener can create PDFs and ePubs, but that is not its primary purpose and trying to use it simply to reformat an existing manuscript frequently involves a great deal of frustration.


Thanks for the advice, Katherine,

Do you have any favourite programs that you favour? I have vellum, and I’ve put out a similar question to the support guys there as well.