Formatting Text/Indent (for a Template)


I have reasonably specific requirements for indents and fonts - essentially I want a novel template where all the indents are .2 or .25 inches and all the text is Times New Roman, which is how I prefer to write my novels.

I’ve found the “options” bar where I can supposedly change the default text, however it seriously does nothing (so maybe this is a bug report?); I changed all of the defaults to TNR but every new document is in Courier and using “Convert Formatting to Default Text Style” doesn’t seem to work either.

I tried searching for the answer to these questions, and even found a semi-related page in the Mac section, but the help pages for the Mac software mention parts of the “options/preferences” panel that apparently don’t exist in the Windows version.

I love this software and would want to buy it, but if I can’t make templates which customize the font and indent then I’m not sure I can switch, no matter the other advantages… so, any help would be useful, such that I can leave MS Word behind forever!


Just to make sure we’ve got the right spot, this is the little mock editor with the Nietzshe quote in it, under the Editor tab of application options? Any formatting you set up here should be properly setting up new documents.

Now do note that won’t do anything about items you’ve already added to the Binder, that’s what the convert formatting menu command is for. Another thing to watch out for is Scriptwriting mode. Courier shouldn’t be a default font, unless you somehow got into scriptwriting mode. Two ways to tell: if your item icons are yellowish; the footer bar along the bottom of the text editor has scene, action, dialogue, character, or other hints within it—rather than a zoom menu, word count statistics, and a small target icon on the right end.

If you are in scriptwriting mode, just tap Ctrl-M to switch back to standard mode. The only snag in that theory is that even if you are in scriptwriting mode, the convert document formatting command should still be working (and totally messing up any script that happens to be there).

Thanks for the response; I think I’ve mostly fixed the issue. As to the text, I was attempting to change it within the editor under “Appearance,” however I noticed today that there was no “editor” section, which led me back to find the little font button under “editor,” which I had missed, thinking it to be an italicize button or some such. Thus, I was changing the font on the corkboard, etc., not in the main editor; I should have noticed this, so on that note, sorry for wasting your time. Similarly, with the indents, after restarting the program, the indent worked correctly, so maybe that was another question born of impatience.

I had another weird problem with a sort of “delay;” for a while after changing everything to TNR, the “synopsis” within the inspector was using TNR, but the “Document Notes” were still in MS Shell, despite my having changed it under “Appearance.” Eventually it seemed to work, but the delay was strange.

I also noticed that when one pastes from Notes/Synopsis onto the first line of the editor, the indent resets to zero. It’s little more than a small annoyance, but I can’t imagine a situation where a writer, pasting something from his/her own notes or synopsis, would want the indent to change automatically. Thus, you could consider that for revision, though again, it’s quite a minor thing.