Formatting the first letter of a new chapter

Here’s a resource for creating a drop cap in CSS: … drop-caps/
Another alternative is to use small capitals for the first three to five words of a chapter.

Are people really using Scrivener as a LaTeX editor? Is there a plugin to accomplish that? Turning Scrivener into Lyx is an interesting idea.

Kindle Create has a style which creates DropCaps, so that may be the easiest solution if you want to publish through Amazon.

This is a followup to a prior post regarding Vellum and drop caps.
It appears that when a Vellum style is selected for the creation of Drop Caps—either following ,or beginning with the first paragraph—Drop Caps are applied to all 'drops" or ‘section breaks’ as well. And there does not appear to be—unless I’ve overlooked some hidden function—any means of avoiding same. It’s not a deal breaker, but I would have preferred having the option to make that decision on my own.