Formatting to Default Text Style

I might have found a bug. If not a bug, please consider fixing anyway as it affects the function of the formatting.

I brought my manuscript into Scrivener from another program where I had the font as a default Courier but I didn’t like it, so I wanted to convert all of the documents into a different font without having to do them one at a time. After I finally figured out how to do this it didn’t work (I hope you consider putting this in your manual because it is not clear at all or intuitive, and I spent hours and hours over several days researching this through your manual and online sites. I had to piece together separate information from separate sites to finally see how to do it). I tried multiple times and it still didn’t work.

The problem? Before I figured it out, I had already changed the first 3 documents to the font that I wanted but I went ahead and included them in the massive conversion. Nothing happened until I excluded those 3 documents from the conversion and then it worked! What if documents 8, 19, 26, 27, 35, and 40 were different fonts from the other documents? I would have to search each one of my documents and exclude the ones I found that were different. It should go ahead and either convert the document again (even though it already has the right font) or skip it and keep going to the next document.

Hello Mish,
Could you not have just selected the default font you wanted in options/ Editor/ Default main text attributes. Clicked in the binder area and then Edit/ select all. Then Documents/Convert/ Formatting to default text style. This converts the lot in one go whatever font they are in and takes seconds to do.

Sorry, I forgot to explicitly state that’s what I did. This is in essence what I meant when I said “massive conversion”, except I only did it in my Manuscript. I selected all of the documents in the binder from the Manuscript section and did a Convert. The problem was that it didn’t work. The first 3 documents already had the correct font before I did the Convert but the remaining 30 or so didn’t. After the Convert the remaining 30 were unchanged. When I began the selection at document #4 all the way to the end, then the Convert worked.

So it seems to me that once I removed the documents from the selection that didn’t need anything changed, then the Convert worked correctly.

Hello Mish,
Not sure what happened there, but I have never had that occurr. At least you got it sorted. Good luck with your writing.