Formatting to docx

I have an editor who requires the manuscript in docx format. I understand that I should compile with rtf so as not to lose manuscript formatting. Once the manuscript is in Word, can I save as to the docx format without losing manuscript formatting?

Tangential answer - they don’t ‘require’ docx format. They require Word format. My understanding is newer versions of Word will still open doc format and do the necessary conversion.

Actual answer - you can export from Scriv straight to docx format File>Export>select DOCX or Compile > select docx

How ‘faithful’ that export is I don’t know. (I tend to export or compile to Pages for tweaking before then saving as .doc If anything I would trust Scriv more than I trust Pages).

I wouldn’t use the .docx export directly from Scrivener for anything but very basically-formatted files, because Scrivener uses the standard OS X .docx exporter (as found in TextEdit) which loses a lot of formatting (including line spacing, despite my many bug reports to Apple about this ever since Tiger).

RTF is definitely the best format to use. And yes, you can save this from Word fine. Just export to RTF from Scrivener, then fire up Word and use File > Open to open the RTF document in Word, then use File > Save As… and select the .docx format. This will produce a .docx file with all the formatting intact. To be sure, just close and reopen the .docx file in Word to ensure that it looks as you expect, but nothing should be amiss.

Eventually we’d like to put together our own .docx exporter, but it’s big job.

Hope that helps.

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I regularly export to RTF, open the file in Word and then re-save (using “Save As…”) in .docx format. Works perfectly.

Thank you all for comments. Very helpful.