Formatting when exporting: page breaks and indents

Hi there. I’m just starting to learn to use Scrivener and one thing I notice when exporting to a .doc is that there are two page breaks between chapters (so a whole blank page), and things that are indented once in the draft end up indented twice in the final .doc. Any idea how I’ve done this and, more importantly, how I can make it stop?


Under File: Compile Draft, the Content pane has 4 columns, and the 3rd and 4th control how many page breaks you will get between Binder items. Experiment with that until you get the paging that you prefer.

I see the Page break column, and that makes sense. So the “Keep” column also adds another page break?

“Keep” is not about page breaks, but formatting. It means keep the formatting just as it looks in Scrivener’s editor. I use it for title and half-title pages. See Help: Scrivener Help for quick explanations to every command and panel in the application interface. And ask questions if you’re stuck!

Fantastic, thanks. I went through the nifty tutorial but there are still little things here and there that I’m tracking down answers for.

So far, I’m really impressed by this program.

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