Formatting with Scrivener

I write non-fiction and use a lot of graphics to clarify various points. I can import graphics into Scrivener but find they always end up as inline graphics. How do I wrap the text in Scrivener? Are there any graphic adjustments available in Scrivener?

If not are there any Mac applications that will format to CreateSpace other than Word? Looking for something dedicated to CreateSpace that will simplify the formatting process.

Scrivener is for concentrating on creating the text not on page layout, so although you can import images, it has no tools for doing anything other than placing them inline. The basic intention with Scrivener, unless you need very simple and standard layout of text only, is that you should compile your draft and then deal with niceties of formatting and layout using a word-processor or layout program like In Design.

As for a word processor, I’d have a look at Nisus Writer Pro — Nisus Writer Express might do all that you need, but I haven’t used it for many years, so don’t know how it differs from the Pro version. It works extremely well with Scrivener — compile to RTF, as that is also NWP’s default format — and has very powerful search and replace, including GREP, a very powerful macro language — there is a repository of macros as well as those on the forum who are always willing to help if you need a macro but are not into creating them yourself — and is the most “Mac-like” of the word processors, From NWP you can export to .DOCX for CreateSpace, if that doesn’t accept RTF.

Pages, Mellel and OpenOffice/LibreOffice are the other alternatives that come to mind, the first two are cheaper than NWP, and OO/LO. Pages won’t import RTF, so you have to compile to .DOCX from Scrivener; Mellel uses it’s own proprietary format so you have to export to .DOC/DOCX and is quirky, though has tools the NWP and Pages don’t, like multiple note streams; OO/LO are the most Word-like in feel.

And of course there are In Design and other page-makeup programs, but they’re another deal.


Mr X