Formatting within Headings

I’m beginning to experiment with transitioning to using Scrivener.

I am currently hunting for a way to include some text in italics within a heading - so for the project I am using to experiment with the Project Title (set as such in Project Properties MetaData) I include the name of a historical source I am discussing. The normal style for the reference would be to place this in italics, but not the rest of the heading.

Is there a way of doing it? Or would I need to do that in a word processor at the end?

I’ve never had to do anything like that, but essentially that is the sort of thing I would expect to do in a Word-processor after compiling. That said, I’d make guess that it’s not possible to do it within Scrivener.



Yeah, I was hoping that I’d be able to use the same basic mark-up options in the heading fields too!

It is possible to style individual headings or file / folder names (or any single part of them) using MultiMarkdown in Scrivener. For example…

*Hathaway* by [**Briar Kit Esme**](

[attachment=0]mmd in headings.png[/attachment]

The issue comes when compiling, as MMD doesn’t compile to all formats.

CMOS recommends using single quotation marks if italics aren’t possible in a heading…

You could tag your italicised headings so that they are easy to identify and edit in a word processor after compiling. Personally, I prefer to avoid using word processors, completing all layout and formatting in Scrivener itself.

If you are experimenting with Scrivener and considering MMD, you might want to experiment with the free trial of Marked as well…