Hi, Is there a short cut to clear all formatting from text? Thank you so much

Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style

I think that’s what the menu is. You have to set your own keyboard shortcut, though.


Mr X

thank you so much !

Incidentally, a while back, to make it easier to find out what keyboard shortcut combinations are not assigned within Scrivener, I produced a list of all the assigned shortcuts ordered by the final cipher. I posted a PDF of the list here:

You might care to look at AmberV’s comments a bit higher up in the thread.


Mr X

I copied from a code editor and when pasted it had background colour. The clear formatting doesn’t remove. How best to remove?
Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 22.40.43.png

Better title would be

Clear formatting

to help lazy searchers!

If you want scorched earth formatting removal then the Edit/Paste and Match Style command is the best for that. Only the text will be pasted, no italics, no colours, no highlights, nothing but text.

The Convert Formatting to Default Text Style command is designed specifically to respect certain types of formatting, like italics and highlights, since 99% of the time people don’t want everything wiped out, they just want a different font or overall paragraph appearance—and for those times when you do, there is already the Paste and Match Style command.