Hi. New here. Just trying out Scrivener.

Is it possible to format the writing space in the blank sheet into a book / magazine form ?


Hi, Keggsie,

Welcome to the forums. I think you will need to say a bit more about what you are looking for in order to get useful help.

  1. Is what you are primarily concerned about formatting a) what you see when you /write in Scrivener/ or b) what you get in your /compiled output/. These two things are (intentionally) handled separately in Scrivener. In Scrivener, things can look one way while you write and very differently when compiled to output.

  2. What do you mean by “book/magazine format”? What aspect(s) of the formatting of a book or magazine are you wanting to capture?

all the best,


I want to create a file which opens like a magazine or a book… I used to use a program sadly no longer available that I had templates which you simply inserted text, pictures etc on 2 separate pages. After compiling it would just look like a book with the pages turning like a book would in real life.

I’m not expecting Scrivener to be able to do that but is it possible to split white writing pane vertically into 2 separate areas which on compiling the result is a digital version of a book or magazine.

Hope I’ve made myself clear.

Scrivener is not a layout program, especially not while you are writing. You write the text as one process, then format it for output afterwards when you Compile.
It’s not at all a wysiwyg editor.