Forum access OUT on 1/29/12?

Just wondering: I could not access any part of the forum all day Sunday in the USA.
Yet there’s no mention today of an outage anywhere on the site.
Tried all of my usual links, and just kept getting 404 and other types of error messages.
Maybe this was just a problem with my provider, or in the northeast USA?
Probably just as well; had much to do and it seems that most msgs lately are from Windows users.

I believe (others will correct me if I’m wrong) that the forum is hosted by Dreamhost, and they had a major glitch yesterday. There are lots of angry people posting comments on their site.


Eeeeasy thur pardner!! Y’s’ll git young Jaysen all afired up agin!! :open_mouth:

For a writers forum, we,re not very creative are we

or linnux/ubuntu atari 2600

Martin, thanks for the tip. The latest message there (8:09 am 1/30/12) says:

So it’s Gremlins, Occupy, or Anonymous at work…or perhaps Floss. :open_mouth:

Don’t be dissin’ the Atari 2600. Those games were cool. [size=50] And I played the hell out of “Adventure.” Damn bridge getting stuck in a wall…[/size]

Yes, this forum is hosted by Dreamhost, so the DDOS would have impacted the forum and the main web site as well.

I thought you had turned the lights out and hid behind the sofa.

I thought is was down in Apple fashion meaning that the Scrivener iPad app was about to launch. But I guess I should have known that wasn’t right, I haven’t even scene the release and invitations to the press conference show up yet. So still waiting (patiently, and all kidding aside, thanks for all you do).

:slight_smile: Not quite yet! We’re still figuring out what it will work like. Rest assured there will be fanfare as there was when the Windows version was released.

Fanfare? How do you do that really? Do we set our clocks to GMT then all get up at release time?

Wait. I don’t have an iPad. Never mind.

But you have an iPhone. :wink: But, since I’m +0800 I’m usually the one holding everyone up!

I can barely read a textbook on the iPhone (I have a 4s now). I can’t imagine trying to type a paper. The mbp13 is frustratingly small to me.

To each his own. Some like OSX. Some like Windows. Some like iOS.

Then there will be no cupcakes for you, alas. Siri might be able to tell you where free ones are being distributed in your area.


The DDOS wasn’t what caused the problems on Sunday. Their CEO posted this before the DDOS happened, explaining what had gone wrong on Sunday:

“We run Debian OS and have used autoupdates to ensure security packages are installed as soon as they are available. We’ve had some breakage in the past from this approach, but nothing major. However last night’s autoupdate went badly wrong, removing essential packages from dedicated, VPS and some shared servers. Our monitoring and support team flagged the issue fast, and we scrambled our admin, dev and NOC teams to reinstall the packages that had been removed by autoupdate, reboot servers, fix package dependencies, and test that individual services were live. Given the number of services affected, this took a long time to complete.”

The customers were not happy (I’m not one of them, by the way – just too curious for my own good). Ironic that the installation of “security packages” should have KO’d a large part of their operation – then they get hit by a DDOS …

Cheers, Martin.

'21 registered Scrivener users on line’, and they’re calling it a DDoS attack!! tch!tch!tch! Saints preserve us. :frowning:

Maybe someone was convinced an illegal copy of “Beaches” was being shared on one of the servers…

Siri and I get along fine as long as Mrs is not around. I can look at a nice young thing walking by without getting yelled at (unless I deny it) but talk to the girl in the phone … Heck no. Almost lost me my important parts. I never thought she would be so obsessed with a voice in a phone. So even if siri could or would tell me, I can never ask.

BTW she only gets about 75% of what I am saying. Apparently I don’t actually speak any form of American.