Forum continues to be s--l--o--w

Off all fora I regularly visit, Scrivener’s is the only one which is often difficult to reach, even when only a few people are on line. Do others have the same experience?

I have the same experience, since weeks.

Just got an error message trying to open the Feedback-Forum:



Yes, the forum - and the whole website and my e-mail, for that matter - is experiencing massive problems with slowdowns and downtime at the moment. As you may know, I only moved over to Dreamhost a few weeks ago so I am gutted about the problems. That said, to their credit they have taken full responsibility for this. Whereas with Aplus the downtime and slowdowns were always owing to the limitations they imposed upon their service, the problems currently blighting the website and forum are owing to problems with a bad server. By sheer dumb luck, the server I was allocated when moving to Dreamhost has massive problems. I have received several e-mails from Dreamhost telling me that they are in the process of moving everyone to a different server as their attempts to fix the problems have failed, but it will probably be another week or so before everything is back to “normal”.

So, please hang in there. Dreamhost assure me it’s being fixed, and that it is not normal for their service.

Thanks and all the best,

FWIW, the only other forum I hang out on regularly is also with Dreamhost, and is having the same problems. I feel bad for recommending them, now! But this really is unusual for them, their level of service is normally very good :confused:

And I’ve been assuming it only slows down when Portland takes a tea-break… :wink:

P.S. It has been frustrating, even for a recovering procrastinator, so it’s good to know the reason is understood and being addressed.

Based on the communications from support it might be worth riding it out. DH has a pretty good reputation and they have been known to “make things right” for their customers.

The rest of us could look at this as an opportunity to get some “work” done. You will find Wock, vic-k/fluff/rat/L’D and I out back with the shine, Louisiana lobster, Georgia ribs, Tennessee corn bread and loose leaf Kentucky. Our work is saving you all from the awful influences of these particular items.


That has been my experience with DH, too, especially if you make noise about a problem. They will patch you up nicely and sometimes even throw in some extras or a discount on future services. But yeah, I’m in the same boat as Antony as I’m one of the ones that recommended them, too. Eek.

Ground control this is Pigeon. I have a load of Crawdads I need to drop off on the Scrivener ship. Jaysen is busy in the radio room pirating Directv, Amber is recoding the NSA computers so the ship is cloaked. I need GPS coordinates to drop this load or I fear this Pigeon may have to swim fer it.

I hear Fluffy is busy chasing every around on deck causing a ruckus as usual and KB is in the Captain’s Quarters working on the schematics for new improved engines. Dream Host (Our forum ship builder) I hear is having some trouble but alas I am not worried. I may actually take that time to contemplate the meaning of the Spork and its lack of adoption into kitchen utensils for the masses.

I heard a rumor that people who live in Portland do not suffer the woes of slowness that we do. Since they are the new capitol of world domination for writers and poets alike I hear they even have a different version of Scrivener. A deluxe version that does have exploding livestock animations and does come with a deluxe beer/spirits/wine/tea/coffe/latte dispenser.


Never mind ground control I see the ship and I see that crazy cat chasing the three legged dog again, causing quite a stir.

I hope I don’t drop these live crawdads because they do pinch something fierce if they get their little claws on ya.


And fair trade, at that; especially the livestock.

Ha harg!

I knew there was a Portland Conspiracy!

It has now been proven that Scrivener has ties with the Portland Writers Mob.

…therell be no need of falcons, when me and Mammy get our hands around your scrawny neck, y wonky winged wossack!!

…is it any wonder?

Do all you meddlers with the dark side still not know what`s happening, and why? Is my hapless human the only one who can see the reality of this situation.

Guano features, is responsible for this electogizmalogical malfunctioning, with help, of course, of the short sighted, tunnel visioned, hedonistic, heedless menbers of Scrivs crew. Even his erstwhile champion, that miscreant Le D, wants to ring the feathered winged cow pats neck. The Road Runner has lost the plot. Its end is nigh!

The Lord of Misrule…rules


Speaking of Guano, I seemed to be blamed for many a fowl thing :slight_smile:

Experts Claim That Pigeon Dung Was The Cause Of Minnesota’s Bridge Collapse

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Aug. 21) - Pounded and strained by heavy traffic and weakened by missing bolts and cracking steel, the failed interstate bridge over the Mississippi River also faced a less obvious enemy: pigeons.
Inspectors began documenting the buildup of pigeon dung on the span near downtown Minneapolis two decades ago. Experts say the corrosive guano deposited all over the Interstate 35W span’s framework helped the steel beams rust faster.

Although investigators have yet to identify the cause of the bridge’s Aug. 1 collapse, which killed at least 13 people and injured about 100, the pigeon problem is one of many factors that dogged the structure.

“There is a coating of pigeon dung on steel with nest and heavy buildup on the inside hollow box sections,” inspectors wrote in a 1987-1989 report.

Pounded and strained by heavy traffic and weakened by missing bolts and cracking steel, the failed interstate bridge over the Mississippi River also faced a less obvious enemy: pigeons… tons of Pigeon Poop. Mountains of it. It’s a wonder anyone was able to go over the bridge with their windows open. Inspectors began documenting the buildup of pigeon dung on the span near downtown Minneapolis two decades ago. Experts say the corrosive guano deposited all over the Interstate span’s framework helped the steel beams rust faster.

well…I`m not surprised.

There is a certain irony in the fact that most of the forum activity is currently centred upon a thread that complains about how the forum is s–l--o–w. :slight_smile:

Pigeons in flight… I want to see you tonight… (Old comedy character song, forget the guy.)


Too high for me, Keith. I want to see 'em punching the air!

Thank you! John Shuttleworth! My mind went completely blank there. My favourite was “Christmas Orphan…”

“Y Reg?” is probably mine, although “Country Garden” and “Vacuum Cleaner” are both a close second.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, you should. Superb stuff.

Hey, have you seen my wife, I said hey, hey, have you seen her?
She left me after a row, it was over a vacuum cleaner…
I said, “What’s wrong with a broom?” And she said something obscener,
Oh, Mary, please come back, and I’ll buy you a vacuum cleaner…

Actually, I have vague recollections of seeing him live in Colchester, at the church-cum-arts-centre there, when I was at university… Yikes, must be 14 years ago now…! My friend was a massive fan. Wasn’t he on the Jonathon Ross show for a while, too? I seem to remember him doing acting lessons, showing how to take an important phone call in a TV drama (tip: look at the receiver afterwards as if you don’t know what it is).

Fellows may have been on Woss, but not as Shuttleworth as far as I know. And yeah, he was doing Shuttleworth 14 years ago, and has always been popular with students, so it’s very likely you did see him :slight_smile:

I, too, have been having trouble accessing the forums every since I bought and began to use Scrivener about a month ago. Now that you tell me that you have switched your hosting to Dreamhost, I think I understand the problem.

My sites have been hosted on Dreamhost for several years and I can offer you little hope. My experience with Dreamhost has been almost uniformly negative: unexplained outages, strange shut downs, inaccurate information, or no information at all. In my view, they’re a bunch of clowns.

Unfortunately, my web designer has a deal with them and hosts all her sites on Dreamhost. Forcing her to work with another host just for me apparently isn’t an alternative. Regardless, after this last twelve hour outage from them, I have pretty much decided to dump her, too, if that’s what I have to do to get rid of Dreamhost.

Good luck to you.