Forum errors?

Has anyone else been getting lots of errors when using the forum? Error messages while clicking threads or trying post.

Yeah, it has been happening to me mostly when clicking on threads and posting replies. Usually, clicking the link a second time lets it go through, so it is probably some kind of database connexion error.

Me too. Ditto on Amber’s experience.

I frequently get messages which talk about a server error.

Right, I get a server error #500, which is kind of a catch-all for “web server was unable to create a valid web page for the client browser.” With scripted sites like this, it usually means the script crashed or aborted while creating the dynamic HTML. For security reasons, we only get a vague message, but on the server itself, there is probably a log file which has more specific information.

Ha, I just got one when posting this. The GMT timestamp is:

Thu Nov  9 20:38:39 GMT 2006

The error will probably be about twenty seconds prior.

Me too, several server errors in the last few days.

In the same vein, has anyone had trouble staying automatically logged in? I’ve had to relog in manually every other time for the last week or so. Moreover, I get the no new posts message when I know there are new posts since my last visit. Makes things hard to keep track of. Anyone else?

Me too. Same things.

Yep, this too! I kept forgetting to mention these things, so thanks for bringing it up. I get the server errors, have to relog, lost track of new posts (but only when I had to relog on), all of it.

This has been happening a lot for the past few days, definitely. I think it is probably just my service provider (, who are usually excellent). Things seem to have sorted themselves out today. If it starts happening again, I will start looking into it. Sorry everyone has been having problems.