Forum font

Does anyone else find the thin grey sans-serif font of the posts in this forum not easy to read? Maybe it’s just my ageing eyes. But it seems to me to misrepresent Scrivener. Surely one of the main purposes of a forum is clarity and readability rather than someone’s idea of cool design?

This has previously been discussed here:


Ah, good, thanks MBBNTU: I installed the Stylish extension on Safari and then AmberV’s public theme. Much better.

Doesn’t it seem odd, though, to start with a font that some find hard to read, and have to fiddle around to fix it? Surely better to start with a clear, readable font, and let users modify that if they want? Imagine if Scrivener was unreadable to some, out of the box.

You have a point, but I suppose it depends on the ratio of ‘some’ vs ‘others’ and the amount of work involved. I presume it wouldn’t be that difficult to change the font used, but I imagine there would then be a number of people who would dislike that font and would have to resort to Stylish and a theme.

In all of these questions, it always seems to me “Damned if you do; damned if you don’t!” But let me come clean, My nearly 73 year-old eyes don’t have a problem with this font and I actually like it.



Mark, yes, all a matter of taste, of course. Maybe my 64-year-old eyes will be better when I’m 73.

The quotation on the subject of satisfaction attributed to Abraham Lincoln - which he may or may not have uttered, but which if he did he almost certainly lifted from the poet John Lydgate - seems appropriate here.

That was Mick Jagger, wasn’t it…

Abe was surely more of a pen and ink man. But he definitely needed his reading glasses whenever he checked out the forum on his iPad.