Forum for ebook creators

I’m noticing more and more discussion topics around using Scrivener and other pieces of toolchain for creating ebooks. It got me wondering – has L&L considered creating a new forum just for ebook creators? I don’t create ebooks now, but at some point in the future I may be doing so, and it would be handy to have a forum to go browse for the accumulated wisdom.

I second that motion…

Thread I started on 12 November 2014 on precisely this topic:

It was promptly and determinedly taken off topic, and when I tried to get it back on track, someone immediately came in with

and then

I wish you better luck with the suggestion than I had!


I rephrase my motion:

I think the forum needs a new over-arching sub-division.

The forum currently holds five major sub-divisions: Scrivener, Scapple, Other software (although it’s called Hot cocoa), Reading and Writing. The first three parts all deal with software for authoring, then there is reading and writing. But what about Publishing? Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of authoring software, reading and writing? That what we produce should be published and read by others? E-books is one way, but not the only one.

So I motion for a who,e new sub-division Publishing, split in three parts - Traditional publishing, Self-publishing, E-book publishing - where we can discuss, ask questions and share experiences about the final step of writing: reaching an audience.

I thought GR’s reference to “off-topic” simply meant he wasn’t discussing the topic of the thread, but rather the minutiae of conducting searches in the forum software – not that your topic was deemed off-topic.

Tangent: without meaning to be rude, where does “I motion” come from? The youth I used to advise in Scouting stumbled all over how to make a motion under Robert’s Rules of Order and they would invariably say “I motion” instead of “I move” or “I make a motion.”

It reminds me of the battle in English-speaking IT between “administer” and “administrate.” Although we are systems administrators, according to standard English a systems administrator administers systems. However, I have been told (with no way to confirm) that the “administrate” conjugation is likely to occur among personnel who speak English as a secondary language, especially if their primary language is French or some other language where that would be the correct conjugation pattern. So I’m curious if “I motion” has a similar story.

At any rate, I don’t know if it needs a new forum, division, or the description of an existing forum (perhaps Usage Scenarios) needs to changed to indicate that this is the place for questions about using Scrivener for ebooks, but I think it’s becoming apparent that such a place is needed.

True, but my point was that thanks to the interventions of Briar Kit and GR, my topic was never even discussed at all, to the point where I gave up trying to resurrect it.

So, to return to the topic of this thread, I heartily support your suggestion, or even a wider “forum of forums” covering a range of publishing matters, as suggested by lunk.



There is some ambiguity in the cover term ‘publishing’ that it might be useful to clear up.

There is one sense which might be better picked out by ‘Getting Published’ – which sounds like a forum about placing one’s work – finding an outlet, interacting with editors, ins and outs of self-publishing – that sort of thing.

The other sense of ‘publishing’ is about Production and an ‘ebook publishing’ forum sounds like it is focused on that. So, it would be about compiling tips and tricks, and third-party utilities for massaging the results. This might happily find its place as a subforum of a newly, lightly taxonomized Scrivener Tips forum.

Having said that, I really just came by to apologize, Mark, for inadvertantly steering that earlier thread off-course (again). :blush:

Topically yours,

That’s OK. Apology accepted.

And to go back on-topic, I’m glad that this has been revived and hope that Ioa and L&L generally will give it some thought.


We’ll give it some thought, but we’re actually in the process of simplifying the forums, as right now they are a bit of a mess with too many subforums, making it hard enough for people to find what they want. I can see the value in a forum on ebook creation, though.

All the best,

One way to approach it might be to create a Technical Support sub-forum focused on the Compile command. Compile – for ebooks and otherwise – is the Scrivener command through which almost all output generation flows, and also the one that seems to inspire the largest share of questions.


Agreed on simplifying the forums. I wonder if de-skeumorphing the forums might help reduce some of the mental clutter for users?

What I was envisioning was less of a technical support forum and more of a peer support forum, more focused on workflow. Something like, “we start in Scrivener, we publish as FOO with BAR options, we use BAZ software, and we then upload to WebFubar without any errors” vs. “Oh, that’s cool, I found that BAZ works great for WebFubar, but when you go to iBarBaz, you need to switch to ZAB because it handles both formats more easily.” I can see the functional taxonomy for sub-forums, though…that does make it easier.