Forum interface: Light grey on white is childish: Please change this.

“Light grey on white” is the equivalent of a 7 year old boy repeatedly jumping and exclaiming, “Look what I can do!”

This is one of the cleverly stupid ideas that should have stayed an idea.

“Light grey on white” Provides NO value to anyone. Mostly the opposite as it requires the user to pay more attention to the interface.

Please change this.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You mean alternating backgrounds between content, like in a ledger? I’ve never really thought of that convention as being typical of any particular age group. I would have thought children would prefer more colour though.

Meanwhile, if learn how to make your own CSS and install Stylus into your browser, then when you don’t like how sites looks you can change it. The whole Word Wide Web’s presentation is up to you. I certainly don’t settle for any design I don’t like. Simple fixes like this take not but five or ten minutes, and then you can forget about it for years. With popular sites you’ll even find dozens of overrides made by other users of the Web.

If you search the forums there are several workarounds posts.

But, as much as you and I may both think this trend is idiotic, it is the "standard’ for UX. If L&L did not adopt this type of stupid idea there would be 3x as many people scream at them to “be modern”. So, while I agree with you entirely, I can not condemn L&L for adopting the lesser of two evils. Or at least the lesser of two squeaky wheels.

Best advice, ever!