Forum matters

Firstly, would it be possible to have a forum somewhere specifically for posts about the general forum issues … interface, access problems etc. I periodically have issues with the Lit’n’Lat forums but never know where to post.

A propos, since yesterday I have been having continuous problems of SQL errors. I get an error message for every non-cached page I try to access; sometimes I have to have three or four goes to open the page, and last night I simply gave up!


This was the case both before and after updating to 10.9. At first I thought it might be a problem with the Private Beta of OmniWeb 6, so I switched to Safari, but same problem there. As OW-6 now uses the system Web-kit, I’m trying with Google Chrome to see what happens there.

Mr X

Same problem here.

I just figured the Lit&Lat servers were being hit too hard by everyone upgrading to 2.5 :wink:



Still, continuing this evening. Google Chrome and FireFox both no help, so it’s not a WebKit matter, but a forum host problem.

Mr X

I too was getting SQL error reports. Earlier today the forum was also running very slowly. But I’m pleased to say that this evening it has speeded up.

Thanks for the reports, all! We’ve been having some latency issues between the two servers. I think it is in part the update, as that is when it started, but we’ve always had sporadic problems between the website and the database. We’re taking steps to resolve that, getting both servers in the same building (right now they are in different data-centres, which means any old Internet traffic bloat can slow down their integration), so hopefully it not only speeds things up right now, but gets rid of the periodic problems this forum has always had.

Thanks Ioa. It seems to be running normally now.

Any thoughts on a Forum for forum related issues like this? If not, where do you think the best place to put such threads would be?

Mr X

I would say that e-mailing one of our contact addresses is probably best. If the forum is suffering from performance problems, or just outright not working, then a spot on the forum for reporting forum problems would make Kafka proud. :mrgreen:

OK. But I wasn’t simply referring to reporting performance problems; e.g. the post from asotir, also in WishList about traffic on NiaD3 and it’s cluttering up the RSS feeds, and I’m sure there have been others.

But, it’s your call, and I’ll go and read some Kafka. :smiley:

It actually started earlier:
I’ve had some instances of this error last Saturday during NiAD, and others reported it too. :slight_smile:

Its up and running thank you :slight_smile:

Yup! The migration to new hardware is complete, so this problem should be gone. If anyone notices it reappear, please let me know.

Yes, completely gone. The change is very marked. Well done.