Forum quiet ?

Is this Mac forum always this quiet ? Is it just for summer ? I hoped there would be more activity …

if it aint broke…

the mac stuff is always less chatty than the windows stuff. Mostly due to the opening clause of this post.

Feel free to stir up trouble though. Someone will rise to the occasion. Try going into the windows forum and suggesting that the Mac software has more features and everyone should go buy a mac. That gets lots of attention. Or you can go comment on a book or call vic-k out from under a rock down in the coffee section of the forum.

But yeah… the mac section can be quiet.

Wait till Scrivener for iOS comes out, or there’s an integer-update in the Windows or Mac applications (or a newcomer to the forum says something provocative :slight_smile: ).

Fixed it…

Yeah maybe… I am just naturally suspicious when forums are quiet. This is a well structured forum with places for suggestions, users experience etc. Yet they are so quiet. I may be paranoid but it makes me wonder if I am using an app that is in decline and writers are moving elsewhere …just saying :unamused:

You have nothing to fear. The app is alive and well and growing. The developer is adding features and working on major enhancements. But he is tight lipped about schedules. And while it is … abnormal in the IT world … the quiet here is more a sign of the maturity of scrivener. It just works. And since it works, there’s nothing to complain about.

Spend some time in the other forum areas and you’ll see that scrivener is very healthy. Much heather than many of it users. Consider the picture of me over there on the right…

Or maybe you’re used to hanging out on forums for things like OpenOffice, that have millions of people using it every day. For a program as small-time as Scrivener, we’re actually blessed with a pretty active forum. I think you’re the first person I have ever encountered that feels it is unduly quiet. :wink:

But conversation about feelings aside, the data shows that the forum continues to grow, as it has for years. If you want quiet, go back to 2008.

You know I don’t like facts!

Keep y’ big fat gob shut, Numpy! I’ve got enough obtuse paddies in my life right now, with in-laws and neighbors :cry:

If we don’t keep things lively you’d be bored! Admit it!


PS Don’t feed the trolls.

A quiet forum could be a sign of the users actually using the software, instead of complaining or asking for help to deal with problems… which would explain why it is less quiet in the Windows area. :laughing: