Forum stylesheet?

Is anyone else getting the forum published without the ordinary stylesheet intact, or do I just have something weird going on with my settings? Everything looks like 1993, to me.

Same here, something is going wrong and I am glad it seems to be not my computer.

The server is setting the MIME on the style sheet to text/html. I tossed a message off to KB but I am sure AmberV the almighty has probably beaten me to it.

I have no stylesheet for the forum either. Usually when that happens to me it happens to all sites and I don’t get images either because my browser has just stopped getting supporting files for the pages it loads, but I am getting the images here and no other sites are affected.

Yes, what Jaysen said. In particular, it is not the static style sheets the forum pages call, but the call to style.php that is dishing up the error.

The whole thing looks like Ambers photo Vic I was gonna delete this post, since its no longer relevant, but Ive fallen in love with his photo, its so atmospheric. So! Since Im an atmospheric and enigmatic kinda guy, Im leaving it where it is! :smiley:
take care

My view of the forum is still up the creek. Is anybody else similarly still affected?


Yeah!! Its chronic! Im suffering from snow-blindness :open_mouth:

Have been in brief communication with the captain. There is a hosting change underway and hopefully this will be resolved soon. KB was seeing things properly earlier this morning, but as right now the mime issue seems to be continuing.

Now the real question is if there really is any difference between what vic-k sees now and how he interprets it when it is working properly? With all of us stuck in his brain we are likely causing everything to look like Amber’s picture.

I think we should get Dodgey Dave/Hal D, to fire off a haughty missive, informing those responsible for this abomination, that if they dont get their act together pretty quick, well get AmberV to blow them up. :imp:

So totally retro.

Early 90’s Pagemill appeal.

Perhaps if we,
gave it a really good bang,
on the side,
it might start working again ?


So much for being a tech wizard.
If in a retro style should we discuss retro things ?


It worked after all !
I saw the style sheet we all know and endure.
The slap worked.

Official chief slapper

Are things working any better? Dreamhost confirmed that they had been working on the server but were baffled about the effects. I looked up the issue and as a result have tried clearing the caches for the forum style, in case they became corrupted in some way. My recent few loads of the forum have gone fine - let me know if there is any improvement.

EDIT: Paul’s reply whilst I was writing this gives me hope…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: … re=related :laughing:
vi :laughing:

Jack Hylton: is that a UK band? The sound reminds me of all that great 30s music on the BBC version of “Pennies from Heaven.” I think Dennis Potter said he wanted to hear all the radio tunes from his childhood, living out there in the Forest of Dean.

Yep! Thats the one. This is from the soundtrack: []( As far as I can figure out, its one of only two of Jack Hylton`s on the soundtrack of 'Pennies from Heaven’, this is the other:
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