[Forum Wish] More storage for private messages!!!

I’ve been on this board since 1876, and in that time I’ve collected quite a set of private messages. We are limited to a miniscule 50 messages and I get messages I cannot read until I delete others, losing a lot of messages that remain useful. I often get messages asking for help with various aspects of using the big S, not just trivialities and frivolities :laughing: .Pretty peas, can we lift the limit?!?

Have you created folders and moved messages out of the inbox and into folders? That used to be the workaround to the limit.

That was the answer to the problem, but when the site updated the interface for setting up folders, rules and such busted. We’ll be handing over a list of such fixes soon, to the web devs.

But even without the ability to make your own folders, you should at least be able to file the old stuff out of your inbox into the stock “Saved” folder.

There’s also the export to XML feature. I’ve used that. Does it still work?

The Saved folder itself has a 50 message limit, so it only slightly improves the limit if I’m not mistaken? And ideally I’d want to keep my messages here rather than an offline XML store, but at the moment it seems that is the only alternative…

Oh does it! Hmm, yes it looks like the limit is a global one, rather than per folder, or inbox vs “other” folders. Well I’ll try setting it to 150. I know that only pushes it back some, but I don’t really know the implications for turning it off entirely. Lacking knowledge of how this impacts overall board speed, I can only assume the defaults have a limit for a good reason.

Limit is about storage in this case. The messages are just content like any thread, but are not indexable/searchable by the public. there are “typically” different attachment size restriction between forum and PM with the PM being given a larger max file size. I don’t believe L&L has different size limits thought.

My guess is that you won’t see much difference in performance but you will see a minor higher rate of increase in storage over time.

Pretty minor I would bet! And surely minor in comparison to the ever expanding global attachment storage.

I was mainly worried that the inbox folder in particular is processed more frequently. For example to post new PM notifications in “real time”, and that if there are a lot of people logged on with huge inboxes it could slow things down. But if they were smart about it, notifications are posted by the event of sending one, as a discrete action, rather than polling inboxes directly.

Great, thanks for the increased quota Ioa!

I’m always curious how much space must be occupied by attachments, I imagine with a long running board like this it is voluminous indeed! :open_mouth: