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I cannot select adequately my platforms on which I am using Scrivener.
I am missing the option “Linux + Mac” :slight_smile:

Young Venares, If that’s the only option you are missing, aboard this rotten stinking piratenschiff, then you are one of the lucky ones. To have the tiniest chance of doing anything about it, move your post to the Wishlist Forum. And Now For That Latte forum, is the Death knell Forum :open_mouth:


Linux + Mac? Lac is what you lack! :smiley:


Very astute of you Master Burtjude…very astute :wink: Linux users do need counselling for their strange predilections.

Your wish has been granted - you can now choose “Mac + Linux” (or “Mac, Win + Linux”) in your profile.

Kev, Any chance of: Platform 9 3/4

Ta Kev

Everyone always leaves out the most important platform of all time.

The Atari 2600

The available platforms are eventually going to make this impractical. At 3 platforms, the possible combinations already make for 7 choices. My math is really rusty, but I believe the total number of combinations of all available platforms will be 2^(number of platforms) -1, so by the time we have iOS and Android, you might have to provide 31, possible platform combinations. Want to make a distinction between iPhone and iPad? 63 combinations. Will Android versions be important? Start at 127 possible combinations and then continue this progression from 255 on up…

With that in mind, is there any way to change the drop-down into a set of check-marked choices, one for each platform?

Er-Um…excuse me.What about Win+Mac +Win-on Mac-Parallels +Win on Mac-Bootcamp+Ubuntu-on Win-on Parallels on Mac+Ubuntu on Win on Mac- Bootcamp+Ubuntu on Mac-Parallels ?

But what About SCR gold?

What! No choice for Amiga?

BeOs baby. Yeah! 8)

Wot, no Vax?!!!

here you go Mr Mark. The Dyson platform.

Dear Fluff, does it run Vi?

Linux can run on a vacuum cleaner. So… yes.

Well, I think we should be able to choose Colossus as a platform – beat that!


(No marks will be given for anything to do with Babbage.)

Ey Up!! since wen did we start Recipes? :open_mouth:
Bacon&babbage anyone? :confused:

You can use Linux to make coffee. One of these days I actually want to try it.

Costco, have an offer on at the mo! Twenty quid off!! :open_mouth:
Probably comes with Hoobuntoo and Badly Attired Leprechauns, already installed. :confused: