Forward backward in history - how do I get the Binder to follow?

My settings are below
thanks in advance for your time and help


Most simply: the Navigate ▸ Reveal in Binder menu command.

If you mean the binder would cease to be a static workspace tool and become a linked indicator of what is visible in the editor, there is plenty of prior discussion on that, and why Scrivener does not work that way. It’s worth noting many of these threads below are quite old, existing before the passive secondary editor highlight bar was added to the binder. Since that was added, hardly anyone ever asks or complains about this.

Thus you might want to check your settings and make sure that the Appearance: Binder: Show current editor document indicator has not, for some reason, been turned off.

Refer to §6.3.3, Finding Where You Are in the Outline for more tips on project navigation and location.

Prior threads:

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Hi, I unchecked → rechecked settings Binder Show Current Editor, and it works fine. thanks very much and have a nice sunday

Great! Weird that it stopped working like that, but glad to it’s back to the way it should be.

Last question and I will leave you in peace. In the binder, there are 2 types of background color (which surely vary with Mac OS settings). In my case a light grey background (1) below showing the document currently in the editor and a bright purple background (2) below. Where can I read about those 2 types of background tha what they mean ?. I am not sure where to search in help I could not find anything in the Binder section of the manual.


That highlight is described in the subsection I referred you to above:

In the paragraph following the bullet list, and illustrated in Fig. 6.6.

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Thanks very much. All clear now. Sorry for no having seen it and wasting your time

No worries at all; happy to help!

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