Found a small typo in the manual

This has likely already been reported/fixed, but I did a quick search and didn’t see it (and maybe I don’t have the latest version of the manual?):

Manual Revision: 1.5.9-01c

Page 6, Section 2.1 Terms and Conventions

Should say: and then tap the X key

And another, same paragraph as above

Should be: Type in the Ctrl-G

Thanks! These will be fixed.

I’m finally reading the manual as I’ve learned about as much as I can by merely poking around in the various menus.

Found another:

Page 11, Chapter 4, Installation - the footnote is doubled:

Page 14, Section 4.4 Staying Informed

Maybe should be has?

Page 18, Section 5.1.1 Toolbar

The menu option is actually just View | Toolbar

Page 20, Section 5.1.4, Editor

Granted my wife always disagrees with me when I say something is X colour, but that looks reddish or pinkish (maybe Salmon?) to me, isn’t mauve more purpley?

All right, I just decided to call it “reddish”, as it is quite different on the Mac. Colours are often different depending upon region. The bar on the Mac looks either “opera mauve” or puce, to my eye, but puce in the U.S. is nothing like puce in the U.K., and even further from France, which is an only very slightly reddish brown.

LOL, I hear ya - last night I was looking up chartreuse, which is apparently either yellow or green or anything in between.

Just looked it up, and puce is actually the French word for flea, I guess the reddish-brown makes sense given that. :wink:

The interesting thing about chartreuse is that the colour name only exists because of the liqueur (one of my personal favourites), which is traditionally a light green liquid, but also has a yellow variant, which could explain the variation. A cool piece of trivia about that liqueur is that only two people on the planet know how to make it. They’ve been passing down the secret recipe for centuries, always only two monks at a time, even through periods of time where they couldn’t actually distil it.

When we lived in Paris, my mother discovered chartreuse, the green version, and it became her favourite liqueur. But she had to be persuaded to find some other liqueur, as every time she had a glass of chartreuse, all night long she’d dream and talk in her sleep. What dreams? Always a variant of the same one … planning how to murder my father!

She didn’t like yellow chartreuse, and funnily enough it didn’t have the same effect. Perhaps that’s why she liked green chartreuse. She didn’t murder my father though.

Mr X

Section 5.1.5 The Inspector

In the Synopsis & Image section it reads:

Because of the word “either”, it feels like it’s missing another option of some sort: shows the synopsis or… :question:

Possibly take out “either”: The top frame shows the synopsis for the binder item…

Edit: Minor quibble - Section 5.1.5 makes no mention of the Footnotes & Comments pane of the Inspector, and mentions that there’s four buttons for sub-panels when there’s clearly five. I presume that’s a newer addition and the manual just hasn’t caught up yet (sorry, I’ve lost track of what’s been added when).

Thanks! I’ve touched up this section.