Found documents highlighted in place

The search feature is powerful and fast.

However, I often wish that the found documents, rather than collected in one pile in the binder, could be highlighted in place, allowing one to see where the found documents are in relation to the overall structure. This would make identifying the individual document I want much easier. The killer feature would allowing toggling between the two views.


Convoluted work-around: Do search, select all found items. You’ll get a “Multiple Selection” corkboard. Select all of the index cards in this corkboard. Close the search using the X button in the toolbar or in the lower right of the Binder. :slight_smile:

If you lock the Multiple Selection corkboard at any point, it can then serve as a persistent search result, using another split to open the files and view them. Cmd-Opt-R will reveal in the Binder, whatever is currently selected in the editors or corkboards, so you can get a view of its context.

The trouble with highlighting in place would be that Scrivener would have to expand lots of folders to show any children that match the search criteria. In other words, the search would end up overriding the user’s choice of what to expand or collapse, which would be very annoying. And you would also have to scroll down a long list of items that don’t match the search criteria rather than just seeing a flat list of exact matches.