Fountain recognition bug

Hi Keith,

I think I’ve found a bug when working with Fountain files. When an action block starts with three dots, it gets interpreted as a scene header.

This is probably due to the fact that a single dot at the beginning of a line forces a scene header in Fountain, but generally that should only trigger with just a single dot, not more.

For example, in Highland Beta, this Fountain text:





gets printed like this:





Thanks a lot for supporting Fountain and all the amazing work you do on Scrivener.

(P.S. How do you link dialog blocks in Scrivener to have them exported as dual dialog in Fountain? Also, is there a possibility that Compile will support dual dialog formatting in the future, now that it is at least formally supported?)

Select a some dialogue and use Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. In script formatting, this defines it as a dual dialogue block.

Compile already supports dual dialogue when exporting to FDX. It’s unlikely to support it in PDF or printing in the near future, though, I’m afraid.

I’ll check with Stu regarding rules for more than one dot at the beginning of an Action element, thanks.

All the best,

Thanks a lot.

Yeah, I meant PDF (trying to cut Final Draft from my pipeline :mrgreen: ). I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one in the far future, then.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for a great product! Just wondering if there is an update on compile supporting dual dialogue for PDF? I don’t use Final Draft and have no desire to because I like Scrivener, so, it is counter-intuitive to have to put a script into Final Draft format for this purpose. Is there hope?

Thank you!