Fountain Support

I swear I searched for this (it seems like something that would have been covered already) but all I got were a lot of results about “fountain pens.” Cool,…but not what I was looking for.

With Scrivener 2.3’s enhanced support for MMD 3.0, does that also include support for the fountain, plain text screenwriting format? The spec can be found here

Ultimately, I’d love to be able to create a Screenplay Format document, sync with external folder, and have the plain text documents both imported and exported in fountain. (It’s super-simple, and somewhat common sense, but it avoids losing things like text styles, dual dialogue, or centered text.) But have it properly formatted when being viewed in Scrivener.

Any plans to support this, or am I missing Scrivener’s ability to do this already? If there is already a post about this somewhere that I missed, please point me there and delete this question. Thank you everyone so much for your time.

It’s on the roadmap, but I can’t say when. Although the Fountain format is super-simple, it is far from simple to convert back and forth from Scrivener’s formatted text to that format.

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Cool. I didn’t mean to imply that converting it back and forth would be simple, just that the syntax was simple. It is enough to know that it is on your radar. Thanks for such an awesome product. Not sure if the developer would be willing to release any code, but the product Highland might offer some inspiration in the “converting back and forth” arena.