Four part novel - how do I get a new page at the start of each part?

I have a 4 part novel. When compiled, the part number is declared on the same page as the start of the first chapter of that part.
For example…
Chapter 1 - Beginnings

How do I get Scrivener to give each part its very own page declaring PART ONE, PART TWO etc?
Also, how do I get each part to have a title?
For example…

…turn the page and there is Chapter 1 - Beginnings

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!

If you create a folder in the binder for each part, correctly named, and then place the folders for the chapters for that part inside it should work as you want it to with most of the default compile formats. When you compile you should see the part/chapter titles available under the section layouts.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to change how the project is organised then you will have to edit the compile settings and look at the Separators section to see when/how page breaks are being inserted.