Four questions on text, exporting, and highlights.

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New here, LOVE the program. Three quick questons:

1 Can you force copied-in text to conform to your font preference? I constantly have to change the font of text I’ve copied from emails, websites, etc.

2 Why does formatting (bold, italic) sometimes disappear when you change fonts? This doesn’t happen in Word, so I’m not hot on it happening in Scrivener!

3 Can you retain your highlights when exporting to a Word doc?

4 When I export to Word docs, there is a mysterious space added after every period. So there are two spaces between all my sentences. Why? How do I prevent this?

Thank you!


  1. In the edit menu, check “Paste and Match Style”.

  2. OS X text system uses real font varients and not psuedo font varients like some other programs. It will try to match format styles, by if the font you selected does not have bold or italic, it will disappear.

I don’t use Word so I will let someone else field the other two questions.

In general, use RTF when exporting to Word rather than DOC, as the RTF exporter is better so you will get better results. I cannot remember if the current RTF exporter will preserve highlights, but that is something I have added to one branch of the code, so if it doesn’t work in 1.5 it will in 2.0.
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Yes, the highlights are saved in the RTF, in the current stable release. The tricky bit is whether or not Word does anything with RTF highlights. It would be unusual if it ignored an RTF command (it is their spec after all), but you never know.

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Thanks for your help!

Man, none of these export options really hit the nail on the head for me. I’m trying to export with images intact, into a single document. Is there any way to make these into a PDF?

Another question regarding formatting: how can I remove the auto-indenting? It’s cool that it does that when you press enter to start a new paragraph, but after it’s done I find I can’t erase the indent.

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RTF export does retain the images; it retains everything. You must be sure to open the resulting file in a program that fully supports RTF such as Word, though (TextEdit and Pages do not fully support RTF).

Yes, you can print to PDF. Use the “Print” button in the Compile Draft sheet. Every program on OS X that can print can create a PDF file instead of printing - one of the great features of OS X.

As for indents, use the ruler (cmd-R). You can set whether paragraphs have an indent or not by default via the Preferences.

Hope that helps.
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