Fractured styles

This one is for Keith, probably.

In two places, one in a 194,000-word novel and again in a 50,000-word novella, I had a weird thing happen.

When I compile to epub, sometimes part of a line is styled and another part is not. If I place the cursor anywhere in the line of text, Scrivener claims it has a style. When I compile it and read it in Apple Books, part of the line has the style, and part of it does not.

The only way I can know this is because Books changes the font size (relative to the reader-chosen font size) due to some effing arbitrary rules they have. (I have everything styled, which I realize some recommend against, but I have a legit reason).

So what I end up with is half the line in my chosen style, and half not, witnessed by the font size being different (I also use ‘As Is’ for text).

I think I have narrowed it down a bit: The two instances each had an em dash mid-sentence. After the em dash was where the unstyled text appeared. And there was a single word joiner added before the em dash.

To fix this, I rewrote the entire paragraph.

But there is most-definitely a bug hiding in there.

This is on a MB Pro M1 under Big Sur v1.1 with the latest build of Scrivener.

Please create a test project with just enough text to demonstrate the problem. Confirm that the test project still misbehaves, then open a support ticket and send it to us.

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.

Contact address here:


I’d be happy to do that, except that this is a random problem which occurred twice in a 200,000-word document, and I’ve already fixed those by retyping the sentences that had the problem. There were scores of other sentences with an em dash in the middle of them that did not have this problem.

I went to the previous version and it did not exhibit this problem, even though that portion of the text was identical and had not been edited between versions.

All this indicates is that something changed between then and now. What did not change is the text (until I fixed the latest version). The only other clues are what has changed is v3.1.5 to v3.22, and that this problem appeared on a new M1 MB Pro.