Frakking Awesome App

I came to Scrivener only about a month ago and it has changed my productivity for the better. It has also enabled for me the dram of being mostly paperless.

I am a patent attorney, and draft about 3-4 patent applications a month, along with several responses to actions by the PTO.

With Scrivener, I have the ability to have interview transcripts, technical drawings, audio files of interviews, notes, and the like all available while I draft an application. I can also be in one part of the document, while another part of the document is open in the split window. Add to that that Scrivener remembers where I was in a research file. Brilliance.

The only thing I wish for is a bigger monitor (yes, a 15" MBP is not big enough, now).

I am still learning my way around Scrivener, though my biggest hurdle is easier import into Word.

Keep it up, I will keep on upgrading. If you ever need any testimonial or nice words, drop me a line.

I have become a bit of a pest in the firm with the Mac users here hyping this. I will convert them…I will. It is my destiny!!!


P.S. Any other lawyers here that are using the product?

Thanks. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of Scrivener being used in yet another context I had not anticipated.

As for Word compatibility, the 1.02 update (out in about a month) will add direct export to .doc format.

Oh, and “frakking” - is that a Battlestar Galactica reference, perchance :slight_smile:

Thanks again and all the best,

You won’t regret that second monitor - Scrivener is perfect for a dual monitor setup.


Absolutely. The word satisfies the dormant sailor in me, but allows me to use it without automated forum censorship.

That is totally awesome on the 1.02 update. It is a great product and it is very apparent that you use the product you developed.

As I come up with things that I might like to see, I will surely add them to the Wish List section. Feature Creep? :slight_smile:


If you’re worried about forum censorship take a gander at the Deceased wood etc. thread under “And Now for that Latte”: it’ll curl your shorthairs.



I’m not a lawyer, but I am a first year law school. I just used Scrivener for the first time to draft an appellate brief for our writing class. Holy Shiite. I’ve been trying to plot out how I’m going to be able to use this in what will surely be a PC workplace. I’ll figure out a way.

This would be a great tool for attorneys. Most people don’t realize I think how much writing is involved. And I tended to do legal writing the same way I did creative writing: messily, like everyone else I know.

By the way, dual monitors is great because it allows you to have full screen mode on one monitor while while using the other monitor for the regular window.