Free choice for Synopsis, Notes

Compile, Formatting:
When using the Synopsis and Notes checkboxes, I also get the heading texts “Synopsis” and “Notes” (just look at preview). This is uncommon in German papers. How about we can substitute these headings with whatever we see fit?


Agreed. Especially the ‘synopsis’ title - this is quite ‘fiction-centric’ (even in english).


Deselect “Insert subtitles between text elements” in the “Options…” panel in the “Formatting” compile pane.

Yeahs… substituting something with nothing as an alternative would definitely be one way of putting it.

How about substituting with something else?


No need for sarcasm. :slight_smile: There are no plans for allowing customisation of the subtitles at the moment. Those subtitles are intended for rough drafts.


Replacements run after the generation of anything in Formatting, thus you can use the Replacements panel to change the names of these subtitles if you wish. That will be a bit difficult with the current stable version, because the words “Notes” and “Synopsis” might fall otherwise in paragraphs, even capitalised like that. However the next public beta will have regular expressions, which let you be a bit more specific about what you are looking for. Searching for “^Synopsis$” for example, will tell the search engine to only consider those cases where the entire paragraph is nothing but the word “Synopsis”, because ‘^’ means beginning of line, and ‘$’ means end of line.

Simply type in “Abstract” or what have you into the “with” field, and now you’ve got abstracts instead of synopses.

That’s a good point, and that will definitely do the job, but Regular Expressions are coming to the next update of the Mac version, whereas the op is on Windows. Lee does have plans to add Regular Expressions support to the Windows version, too, but it will be a little while. But it will be coming.

Thanks Keith, Amber,
Switching off subtitles is perfectly fine I think.
On the other hand, Dagger’s issue with the ‘english language’ might be something for Lit&Lat to look at. Specifically, no so much allow for customisation of everything, but perhaps allow for customisation of only those text elements that get automatically generated in Compile - this would allow Scrivener to be used more effectively for non-english text (without the need to translate the whole program). I hope this makes sense?

Since you can turn off the subtitles, I’d say its definitely on the low-priority list however…