free-floating inspector


I just started playing with scrivener, so apologies if this is an old issues (I searched the forums but couldn’t find an answer).

Is there a way to make the inspector float as an independent pallet? It would be the same UI as Omni Outliner and iWork.

I run dual monitors, and piling the toolsets away from my main work area is very handy.



Hi Ben,

This is not possible, no. But it can be hidden if required, which is what I do whenever I do not immediately need it.

There has been a fair bit of discussion about the interface, and it is something Keith put a lot of thought into when developing it. If you do a search on the Wish List forum, you will probably find some of this discussion.


I did give a long-winded answer to this somewhere, and will try to dig it out for you when I have more time, but basically Matt is right - there is no way to do this, I’m afraid. I preferred a single-window interface, and recent discussion about a floating inspector indicated that most users felt the same (obviously not everyone will agree!). Floating inspectors are application-wide, so they update to show the information about the current project. Scrivener’s inspector is tied to the project, so if you have more than one project open, there is more than one inspector. Most floating inspectors tend to be tool palettes rather than panels that show data relating to the current project, which is why it makes more sense for such inspectors to float.
All the best,

Thanks for the quick replies. I see the logic.