Free Form Corkboard

I love the corkboard, especially on the Mac! I know you’re goal is to make the two versions work alike; however, if you feel so inclined, I would love to be able to free-form the cards in Windows without the “snap” feature–it would help my brain work more freely. Snapping is so reminiscent of my former military days…eeek!

Maybe a little priority on this feature–if it fits in with the scheme of things.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


I heartily second this request. For what it’s worth, the snap feature is fine when I’m working out a subplot. But then at some point I blend together the subplots into a full novel corkboard outline - the snap feature makes it awkward to juggle several plotlines.

A format that used columns that snap might also be useful. Thanks.

I think I’m thirding the same suggestion. “Snap” isn’t the term I’d have used for the Corkboard cards as they are, but my wish is that there was a way to arrange them free form with spaces between them as I’d choose both horizontally and vertically. Thanks for considering.

The freeform implementation will be either fully freeform, where you can have cards piled all over the place (though you could certainly order things a bit more carefully if you wished, but there would be no “snap” at all into some invisible grid), what you currently have, and a “stacked” mode where you can grab two or more containers and examine the contents of them in a stack. This would be either in rows or columns. Also from freeform there will be a way to convert the arrangement into binder order again. Freeform all by itself completely ignores binder order so you can be free to do whatever you want.

Thanks. That sounds great. I’ll look forward to it.

I’m a new user, about a month with the trial and bought recently. I’m really in love with the program.

Thanks! Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Amber,

If you were to use the total Free-form implementation, it would then be good, using the ctrl-leftclick, to select the cards a user wanted to put into a folder, group together, drag together, or delete, etc. This would be just like having “stickies” on my screen to repliacte a virual version of my real desktop – my workflow :smiley: .