FREE JumSoft Process (project management)

Need more structure in your life but have a tight budget? MacHeist is offering free downloads of JumSoft’s $39 Process application with the unlock code. Go to:

Details about Process here:

I just downloaded it, and it seems to be an three-panel outliner intended for project management with the plus that it can coordinate input from people on the same local network and link to iCal. I can say no more, but JumSoft did win an “Innovators Award” from OReilly in 2004.

You need to be a MacHeist member to get it, and at least to begin to participate in one of their covert operations. I assume you can join from the MacHeist webpage above. They’ll also be offering two more applications in the days ahead.

I’m not sure how long this offer will last. Since Things just left beta today, perhaps they want to steal a bit of its thunder. The market for this sort of application is getting full, from the ubersimple TaskPaper to the powerful OmniFocus.

I got it today. A long time ago I got their Home Business Trio (Money, Relationship, and Operation). I think that I used each one less than 10 minutes. I did not like them, although the interfaces were nice to look at.
Operation is supposed to be their project management application. I noticed that the Home Business Trio now includes Process instead of Operation.
It was nice to get it for free, and I’ll give it a try. I’ve heard that Jumsoft’s software has improved over the years.