free trial expired day of download and no serial number given

As above

I Spent all day doing the tutorial and i had signed through google. I wasnt sure how to get off the tutorial as i just wanted to get going after id finished all i wanted to take in initially. When i reopened it, it came up with a box saying it had expired and i now needed to purchase it or use serial code which i dont have. I only downloaded it today so not even one day has past. Any help would be appreciated.


In the past when I’ve seen such problems with other software expiring it has often been where the computer time was updated or wrong. It may be worth checking that you have the right time and date set. You can clean out all the preference files along with the program and try to download and install it again?

Oh Sorry, I just noticed that you are on windows - that is possibly a registry edit. Make sure you back it up before changing anything - but I’d contact support first.

Good luck.