Free trial expiry

Hello all. Apologies if this topic has been addressed, though I’ve done several searches and not come up with the answer.

I downloaded Scrivener yesterday on recommendation, and have spent this morning reading through the tutorial and getting progressively more excited about using it. I’m ready to try it out!

I finished the tutorial, closed the program to take a break, and then tried to reopen Scrivener, only to be confronted by the message that my free trial has run out and I must purchase it or register the program before I could use it further.

I do think I like what I see, but I’m not an impulse-purchase type of person, and feel unfairly cheated of my promised 29 more days to try Scrivener out. Any ideas as to why the software has a sudden inability to count? I have already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Scrivener, to no avail. I’m very put out, as I was seriously considering purchasing Scrivener had I been able to play around in it some more, but this is souring the experience somewhat.

Any ideas on what I should (or should not) be doing? I would be glad of any help…